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Below are some of the short daily calendar thoughts Dr. Wyrick wishes to share. 

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Daily Christian Thoughts to Ponder

Quick to Listen


Let us learn to be quick to believe the best about others and slow to say what’s on our mind.  As we become grateful for the forgiveness God freely gives, we will become quick to offer forgiveness and second chances to our family, friends, and co-workers. 

Ask God to Help


There is no problem too great or too complex that God cannot bring a solution.   Your answer begins with a decision to ask God for help, but it is completed by the power of the Almighty Creator who is touched by your pain and stress.   (Isaiah 40:31). 

Seek God's Purpose


Often we seek comfort over God's purpose for our lives.  God may be using negative things in our lives to prepare us for His greater purposes. When we become willing to submit to His purposes, God will use our daily situations to prepare us to fulfill His plan for our lives. You may want to read Hebrews 12:11